Advanced IQ Test

Advanced IQ Test

Welcome to the Advanced IQ Test page. If you’re interested in taking this test, please read the information below before proceeding. It is important to know what you will be tested on before taking the next step. Intelligence is complicated and rich, that's why it is very important to take a test which encompasses most of its dimensions.

This is a comprehensive professional assessment of a person's intelligence which focuses on 13 dimensions of intelligence listed here:

Analytical: ability to analyze and evaluate ideas, solve problems and make decisions.
Spatial: active imagination, thinking in three dimensions, image manipulation … etc.
Logical: mathematical intelligence to calculate, quantify, hypotheses… etc.
Memory: skill of storing and later retrieving information efficiently.
Musical: recognizing rhythms and tones, creating, reproducing music… etc.
Linguistic: thinking in words and using language to express complex meanings.
Philosophical: systematic approach and reliance on rational argument of abstracts.
Moral: demonstration of self-control, kindness, and conscience.
Spiritual: heightened states of consciousness and use of spiritual resources to solve problems.
Interpersonal: understand and interact effectively with others using verbal and nonverbal communication.
Intra-personal: understanding oneself, thoughts, feelings, and their application in life.
Bodily: manipulating objects and use a variety of physical tool and skills.
Naturalist: discriminating among living things (plants, animals) as well as sensitivity to other features of the natural world (clouds, rock configurations)

The test is designed by a team of psychologists, mathematicians, engineers, philosophers, musicians, artists and educators. It is considered the best attempt to measure intelligence. Most IQ tests overlook several of the above types of intelligence, thus compromising the accuracy of the results.

What we did is, define what constitute intelligence (the majority of its dimensions). We did our best to make those dimensions measurable in different ways. The result was a formidable system which measures to a high accuracy level the intelligence in a certain individual.

The test contains 200 questions and takes 4 hours to finish. It is a useful tool for individuals who want to get a more accurate assessment of their intelligence. Companies can also ask their employees to take the test.

For more information about taking the test please click here: Comprehensive IQ Test

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