Comprehensive IQ Test

Comprehensive IQ Test

Below are the information about the test and what to expect. Being prepared for the test is very helpful, because it will reduce nervousness and uncertainties. The more prepared you're for the test, the better you will do.

Test Content: Questions related to the following types of intelligences: analytical, spatial, logical, memory, musical, linguistic, philosophical, moral, spiritual, interpersonal, intra-personal, bodily, and naturalist.
Test Questions: 200 questions.
Test Duration: 4 hours.
Tools: the test contains questions in different formats (images, audio, video, shapes manipulation, and text).
Medium: the demo for the official test can be taken on a computer and without supervision. However the official version is taken in one of the approved centers (located all over the world).
Results: You will be able to see your IQ score at the end of the test. A certificate will be mailed to you.
Price: the demo is free of charge. The professional IQ test is $100 (which includes also shipping of the official certificate).

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